Food, Faith and Culture

October 4th, 2011
This evening about 25 students gathered in Common Grounds to hear
different perspectives on the relationship between food, and care for the
environment.  Professors Vi Dutcher, Jim Yoder, Carolyn and Carl Stauffer,
Doug Graber-Neufeld, and Don Clymer each shared on these topics from the
lens of another culture or religion.  Through the course of the evening,
we learned that in some regions of Morocco it is considered an appalling
waste to throw away leftover food scraps, and an insult to the poor who
could eat those leftovers.  Jim taught us about some of the unique
ecological history of New Zealand, and how the indigenous Maori have
developed around that ecology.  We heard from the Stauffers about the
connectedness of food, relationships, and livelihood, the celebration of
resources, and were also challenged to take a closer look at how those
resources are distributed.  The evening ended with a brief look at the
ways that the Khmer Rouge has affected environmental issues in Cambodia,
and a discussion about the sacredness of corn in Mayan culture.  The
presenters filled us with thought provoking information, and have caused
me to re-examine the way that I think about our own food-culture in the
United States.  How can we better respect our food and the environment
from which it is produced?

text by Josh Kanagy, photo by Justin Roth

    • stephdank
    • October 26th, 2011

    Great picture, Justin!

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