Yes, We Can

text by Katie Jantzen, photos by Justin Roth

The final event of Food and Farming week was a canning workshop organized by SFI(Sustainable Food Initiative). Bekah Enns led an enthusiastic group of at least 25 people, explaining the basic steps of canning to an eager audience. Participants chopped apples, onionsm garlic, peppers and beans to the encouraging comments of: “It smells so good in here!” as people walked through the lounge in Cedarwood.  By the end of the evening, the freezer was full of green beans and tomatoes, people had taken home chutney and applesauce, and we had canned 12 quarts of applesauce, three quarts of marinara sauce, and two quarts of tomato juice. The food will be used in SFI’s upcoming local meals.

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