Campus Solar

The one-year anniversary of the installment of EMU’s solar array is coming up in November.  With that in mind, I recently found an article online that talked about solar panels on college campuses across the nation.  The article outlines the progress that colleges have made in the last three years, citing a 450 percentage increase in that time span.  The article out lines some examples of how learning institutions use federal and state incentives to progress in solar power.

Solar panels installed at the University of San Diego

The University of San Diego used granted money to help buy into a power purchasing agreement, buying power for a large chunk of time all up front.  This is very similar to EMU’s program that they bought into a 20-year plan that has EMU using the power from the panels that have been installed on top of the library.  this is encouraging to hear that many other institutions, including larger ones have been taking steps similar to EMU in regard to sustainable energy.
Here’s a link to the website that the article referenced.

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