Paper Made Fantastic

Chelsea Kight, an EMU art major and designer blogger, is currently working on her latest project: paper-making. This project is not only a fantastic way to make her own canvases, but is helping to re-use paper waste. Chelsea is using paper that would have been thrown away and processing it to make her own, unique pieces of it. One afternoon I stopped by where she works and asked for a tour of her process, below are some pictures and outlines of the way she makes this ‘green’ paper.

Here is an example of the paper that Chelsea uses.  Other types of  She puts the bags of unwanted trash through a shredder so that it will be easier to break down.

After the paper has been shredded, Chelsea soaks the paper in water so that the paper’s structure loosens.

Behold, the paper pulp.

Here she scrims the paper particles out of the water, forming a flat piece of only paper parts.

Here are pieces of the paper drying.

Once the paper is dry, it can used just like any other paper or canvas. Only this paper is original to it’s maker.

Chelsea says that she will use the paper for future painting projects or offer them for sale.

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